Vinyl Stickers are all 
• Easy peel off
• Thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate.
• Scratch, weatherproof, and waterproof.


The label created for stickers or bookmarks doesn’t really provide detailed tracking.

This label is simply used to scan an item into the post office to Etsy can inform you your item is in transit. This is also scanned again when the post office delivers the item.

This label allows sellers like me to ship stickers and bookmarks without charging $9 for a sticker or adding a $4.10 shipping fee (Which is the cheapest way to actually provide a detailed tracking label)

So sadly the tracking details aren’t necessarily traceable, thus why the number when tracked will show now info or may say not a valid tracking number.

Was your item marked as delivered but you aren’t seeing it?
This often happens, let’s say 9/10 times. I have talked to my local post office about this and what most likely happened is your local sorting center scanned the envelope using the wrong setting on their scan gun. So rather than scanning it in as “processed by local post office” it was scanned as “delivered” But in most cases your item will show up at your home in 2-3 days (a little longer if its a weekend) So I would ask you keep an eye out on the mail and if it doesn’t arrive in a couple days please reach back out and I will mail a replacement.