Mothman Fortune Teller Postcard Set
Mothman Fortune Teller Postcard Set
Lydia Jean's Little Ghost Shack

Mothman Fortune Teller Postcard Set

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Who doesn't love getting snail mail? It’s even better when it’s super cute!

Grab a pack and send a hello to someone whose face you miss! Your folks, your sibling, grandma, grandpa, a pal... your friends dog... whoever! It’s definitely a great way to just say hey, I’m here for you but you know... I’m my own home, over here.

What you get!

4 Pack of Postcards - All the same design

Each Card measures 4.25" x 5.5"

The backs have space for a message, address and stamp! (Pssst you just need a postcard stamp, no forever stamp needed)

Printed on sturdy cardstock with a matte front & backside

I recommend using a ball point pen or fine point sharpie for the best writing results!

Shipped in a cello sleeve nestled in a sturdy envelope for safe travels!

If you have any questions please reach out.

Illustrated by...Me, Lydia Jean!
© LydiaJeanArt™