Rainbow Maker Spiderweb Vinyl Sticker
Rainbow Maker Spiderweb Vinyl Sticker
Rainbow Maker Spiderweb Vinyl Sticker
Rainbow Maker Spiderweb Vinyl Sticker
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Rainbow Maker Spiderweb Vinyl Sticker

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Spooky Season is a BIG DEAL, so flaunt your love of all things spooky with this jumbo sized Spooky Things sticker

Slap it on your laptop, bike, car, notebook, locker, testing kit or wherever

⫸ Includes one (1) sticker
⫸ Sticker is roughly 4"
⫸ Sparkly Shattered Holographic material
⫸ Place in a window area that gets direct sunlight to create a room full of rainbows
⫸ I suggest holding it up in the window prior to sticking to be sure it's the perfect spot
⫸ Thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate.
⫸ ONCE STUCK - It is a little harder to remove so be sure you like where it's at. It does come off windows when you are sure you no longer want it there, but it will take a flat razor for removal. 
⫸ Mailed inside paper envelope and send out as a stamped USPS parcel

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