Spooky Stuff V2 Wrapping Paper
Spooky Stuff V2 Wrapping Paper
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Spooky Stuff V2 Wrapping Paper

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Tis the season to add some extra cuteness to those spooky gifts!

Wrap up your gifts this spooky season in wrapping paper that will add an extra touch of spooky cuteness! Wether wrapping a Halloween gift, birthday gift, anniversary present, or just a random empty box to add some excitement to your Halloween tree (yes that’s a thing for some of us ) This paper is perfect!

► 20”x29” 70lb opaque wrapping paper.

► Each sheet can cover approximately 1-4 smaller gifts (depending on the size)

► Folded when shipped to avoid the $7 flat cost to ship as rolled paper. 

* If you would like the paper rolled and not folded, please message me and I can set you up with a mailing tube parcel, but shipping will be roughly $7

Illustrated by me!
©Lydia Jean 2021