Vampire Cutie Vinyl Sticker
Vampire Cutie Vinyl Sticker
Vampire Cutie Vinyl Sticker
Lydia Jean's Little Ghost Shack

Vampire Cutie Vinyl Sticker

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Don't let his cuteness fool you, he's out for BLOOD! 

Slap it on your laptop, bike, car, notebook, locker, water bottle or wherever

⫸ Includes one (1) sticker
⫸ Sticker is roughly 3”
⫸ Matte material
⫸ White border making it visually pop!
⫸ Printed on coated water resistant vinyl.
⫸Easy to peel on / off most surfaces.
⫸ Thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate.
⫸ Scratch, weatherproof, and waterproof
⫸ Mailed inside of a paper sleeve with a card stock business card to prevent any bending.
⫸ Mailed inside paper envelope and send out as a stamped USPS parcel

► Stickers ship with a “digital stamp label” this means although you will see a tracking number, the envelope isn’t technically tracked. The post office just uses this barcode to scan the item into their system when picked up from my mailbox, and then again when key actions occur such as being sorted at your local post office and again when delivered.

►Stickers ship using this digital label to allow me to offer free shipping on stickers. The lowest cost for a tracked package is $4.10, so either your sticker would be marked up to $9.50 or I would need to charge $4 for shipping on top of the sticker cost. 

►If you see your item was delivered but do not see it, this is most likely due to the USPS worker scanning your item using the wrong setting on their scanner. Often it was just being sorted at your local post office and should arrive in a couple days - If you do not see the stickers arrive within 2-3 business days after that delivery notice please reach out and I can work with you directly.

►Since stickers travel with standard mail it can take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive. If you need your sticker faster please reach out and I can provide a speedier shipping options for an additional $4+

►If you notice after this your package isn't moving through the post office, most the times that's just an error where someone has missed the initial scan of your item, but most the time it is indeed moving through the system.

►Please be patient when ordering from small businesses.

►Packages when not ordered via big box companies such as Amazon or Other larger businesses travel at a slower rate via our trusted USPS.

Artwork ©Lydia Jean Art 2021